Stubb's BBQ Sauce

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Legendary Flavor

This branding campaign centered around the legendary pitmaster and namesake, C.B. Stubblefield. Everything was shot anamorphic to embrace the era in which these legends were born.

Blues: 15

Cadillac :15

Modifying :15

Cadillac :30

Blues :30

Legendary BBQ Sauce


No fancy production shoot. No food stylist. This print campaign leveraged assets from a shoebox found in the company's storage room in Austin TX. Hundreds of photos and film negatives were collected and scanned to build out this series of print ads.


Digital Campaign

We developed a series of animated banners to support the print and video elements of the campaign. These banners really stood out on the page with rich, layered animations that resembeled archival mircrofilm readers.


Website Design

The site continued the archival approach to deliver a compelling narrative around their namesake and founder C.B. Stubblefield (A.K.A.) Stubb. Useful features like the recipes page were developed along with an updated shopping cart, and the standard about page was turned into a multi-media timeline, beginning with Stubb's military service in the Korean War and culminating with some notable brushes with fame as legendary brand took root in American culture.


Saucy Since 1967

This campaign celebrated 50 years of flavor with a campaign focused on Stubb's family of products and the launch of Anytime Sauce. What's Anytime Sauce? Well, as the name implies, this new line of sauces was created to use anytime whether your marinating, basting, dipping or just taking a swig. Along with an interactive stunt involving a retrofitted antique vending machine and a gift boxes for Stubb's fans, the print campaign for the Core Four products was featured in Communication Arts Typography annual - so that was pretty special too.

Since 1968

Print Campaign

These print ads were made by hand - literally pouring a bottle of sauce on a large matte in the shape of Stubb's packaging, the headline was then hand lettered and blended into the image with Photoshop.

Since 1968

BBQ Sauce Vending Machine

We created the world's first BBQ Sauce Vending Machine to showcase Stubb's Anytime Sauce. This handpainted classic popped up at high profile events in key markets where we thought a little BBQ sauce would come in handy.

Fifty Legendary Years of Flavor

Since 1968

To commemorate the 50th anniversary, the brand asked us to create limited edition gift boxes for true BBQ fanatics. We threw in some surprise & delight and a whole lot of flavor. 

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