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Overly Uncomplicated

This isn't rocket science, folks. We aren't curing cancer here. Hell, we might even be causing it. Joking aside, we had a lot of fun with this brand. Being almost a century old, Schweigert Meats has earned the right to be a little skeptical of the latest wave of culinary trends. We don't do deconstructed, artisanal, farm-to-table, gastro-hand-helds. We do hotdogs & sausages. Plain & simple.


Cold Ones

Air Freshener

Four Course Meal

Case Study

Who would have thought we needed a case study on how to sell hot dogs? Regardless, please enjoy this video that encapsulates a year long effort to simplify the most basic food on the planet, hotdogs.


Legendary BBQ Sauce


Yep. It's on the internet. You can look at it on your computer. or your phone. or your tablet if you're into that kind of thing. We carried through the uncomplicated theme of campaign, simplifying the user experience and giving them just what they want: more delicious hot dog & sausage recipes recipies delivered without any pretention whatsoever.

Surprise & De...oderize?

We didn't stop at producing t-shirts and trucker caps for our most enthusiastic supporters. We can safely say that we have done something no other meat company has even considered. And we have also rectified a glaring omission in the ambient frangrance space: hotdog-scented air fresheners.

Social Schmocial

The marketing department told us we had to be on the Facebook. It's fine. We haven't figured out how to "hate" people's pics of gourmet hotdogs with candied bacon relish, so we are just posting pictures of classic hotdogs and "liking" the same.

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