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Project: Heroes

Mouser Electronics is a global supplier of tech components for engineers designing the future. And since the venn diagram of techy engineers and comic fans is practically a circle, Mouser struck a branded sponorship deal with the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. We created a content series parternering with former Myth Buster, Grant Imahara, buildng out superhero tech with components from Mouser. 

Project Heroes -Part 3

Project Heroes - Part 2

Innovation Lab Case Study

Generation Robot Titles

Generation Robot

This content series looks at the current and future states of robotics and questions the very definition of what a robot is. An exploration that spans three continents, speaking with experts on A.I., machine learning and robotics. 

Evolution of Robots

Sharing the World with Machines

Human–Robot Interaction

Becoming One with Machines

Shaping Smarter Cities

with Wired Magazine

We partnered with Wired Magazine to create this content series on the internet of things (IOT) and how urban centers are moving toward a tech-utopia, where traditional sectors like agriculture, transportation and city planning merge with data, connectivity and virtual realty in a future-state that is closer than you may think.



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