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When Apothic Wine launched this red wine blend, aged in whiskey barrels, they asked us to consider the voice and tone of a wine that mingled with whiskey. We thought hard, drank a few bottles and decided that this was definitely a wine in spirit with the soul of a whiskey. The heat, brought on with a higher alcohol, as well as the process of charring whiskey barrels led the art direction. The attitude was definitely the booze talking.

Whiskey Soul

Tasting Notes

No Apologies

Legendary BBQ Sauce


We won this business by pitching an immersive online experience housed on their website. We stretched the limits of available web app technology to create a handful of unique experiences including the world's first digital palm reader. These experiences layered onto the existing mystery and supernatural appeal of the brand.  

Since 1968

World of Apothic

This content series was created to bring personality to each of the sub brands within the family. Apothic as a brand is committed to shaking things up and changing the general perception of wine. So naturally, we leaned hard into black light parties and motorcycles.




Legendary BBQ Sauce

The Dark Procession

Some observers may have called it a cult gathering. To Apothic, this was a ceremonial rite of passage for their most popular sub brand, Dark, transitioning the seasonal release into the permanant collection. We were only "moderately concerned" about receiving a cease and desist order from the Church of Scientology.

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