Paramount Theater presents the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival


We thought of everything

A box of tissues in a public restroom is common - you might even call it fancy, but a box of disposable underwear? It almost doesn't make sense until you remember that you are at a comedy festival. To my knowledge, no one actually used these, but if anyone did, they probably wouldn't have told anyone.

Bathroom Graffiti Stunt

To build excitement for an upcoming comedy festival hosted in Austin TX, we created an experiential stunt in the historic Paramount Theater. This was a literal all-hands-on-deck project utilizing the hands of our media and accounts teams as well as the creatives, to hand write and illustrate hundreds of jokes from the dozens of high-profile comics who would be coming to the festival. We used these scribblings to cover the lobby restrooms. No real property damage occured using this vinyl application.  

Interactive Print Campaign

Somethings are only funny when certain people talk about it...Like broccoli or the Swine Flu. We created a series of interactive print ads to point this very fact out. These ads ran in the Onion and other local publications, using a bold, graphic layout and a simple headline referencing the comic. A QR code delivered the punchline.

Interactive Print Demo

Interactive Print

Promotional Video Series

Along with the print ads, we created a video series talking about other things that really aren't that funny (like bathrobes) unless certain people (like Jim Gaffigan) talk about them.


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